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Cancer Realities: Outliving Your Prognosis
Help !!! Post Chemo Depression and Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Ronniejr37 posted:
I was diagnosed with Stage 2A testicular cancer in June of 2011. I had the surgery in July of 2011. Chemo Started in Sept 2011 and was completed Dec 2011. I relocated (Temporarily) back to Southern California for my Chemo and to have my family close and for the support. I got the info on the side effects of each of the 3 Chemo drugs I was on. I experianced most of them from mild to severe during the treatments. I am still, after 1.5 years experiancing some of the physical side effects such as the neuropathy in the hands and feet, ringning in the ears, skin and nail problems and a few others. I am dealing with these and most of these side effects were explained by my treatment team. However, here is the kicker. No one ever mentioned the Anxiety, Depression and possible PTSD that some people get after the Chemo and radiation. Well, It looks like I am one of the low percenters that experiance this. I returned to work (Executive Management) and with in 9 months, I could no longer function. I would have these major panic attacks, depression, but I did not recognize the symptoms> I was also extremly fatigued all the time but could not sleep. I had to resign my position becuse I could not do my job but I did not or could not understand why. I returned back to Southern California and within a week, I was working in another Executive Managment Field. Not knowing what was wrong with me, I tried to work but could not, couldnt focus, I was aggitated all the time, could not sit still, I would snap and yell at my employees. My position required the reading of financial reports and technical drawings. I would stare at them and could not figure them out, This was my job. I could no longer manage my people and it went down hill fast. After 6 months I was terminated. I have never been fired from a job before ! so this really hurt. I run in to a friend I had not seen in years, 32 to be exact, turns out she is an oncology nurse in Wisconsin...WOW....We talked for hours. She says I am probably one of the low percenters that is suffering from Post Chemo Severe Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Depression, possibly PTSD and cognitive changes and disorders due to the Chemo treatments. She suggested I see my Oncologist immediatly, well, I am now unemployed, no medical insurance. Does anyone have any resources or information on what or where I can go to get treatment ??? Please Help, any information would be great AND has anyone else had post chemo depression / Anxiety this sever after 1.5 years
leg255 responded:
I know exactly how you feel.I had colon cancer two years ago,but I'm still dealing with side effects from the chemo. I had chemo brain and cancer related fatigue Everything left me with constant anxiety. Do I feel the way you do. My family doesn't understand how I feel mentally and physically. Because they didn't have to go through whst. I went through. I'm just so fatigued all the time. It's been a year since I finished chemo, You check to see if you have a free clinic in your area or perhaps talk to your oncologist.
leg255 replied to leg255's response:
I mean I have chemo brain and cancer related fatigue.I take ativan for my anxiety.

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