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Medical care is vital!
Obayan posted:
Hi. I'd like to share my story. I grew up (adopted) in a not so kind family. Very abusive physically, emotionally and sexually. I ended up on the streets at a very young age. No medical care or dental care or anything else growing up. These poor habits carried on into adulthood. Now I'm 50 and I'm what others call a "collector". I collect diagnosis. I have congestive heart disease with unstable angina, hyperlipidemia, active duodenal ulcers, intracranial atherosclerosis, PTSD, hypothyroidism, sleep apnea, interstitial lung disease, metabolic dosorder, incontinence, glutten intolerant, osteoperosis in lumbar spine and femurs, and as of 2 weeks ago, multiple myeloma. My medicine cabinet is better stocked than a pharmacy. I have a GP, cardiologist, enodcrinologist, and oncologist. My teeth are so rotted out that I don't have a single tooth left that isn't broken and blackened. Most mistake it for excessive drug use (meth, heroine, etc). I don't do drugs other than those prescribed by my docs. I live in pain every day of my life. I'm weak. I'm tired. My immune system is so compramised, I panic at every sniffle, sneeze or cough. I'm a broken machine. Some days I just want to go to sleep and never wake up. But most days I remember how much I have to live for. My daughter. My two grandbabies. I'm a widow by the way. So, I think that a lot of my problems could have been avoided entirely if I had of had access to medical care as a young child and if I had of known enough at a young age to protect myself against life's possibilities. I plan on visiting this site often and thought you all should know who it is you are reading about. I'm not a statistic. I'm not a horror story. I'm not my disease. I'm me. A person. I have a real life. I have a family and friends that care about me and worry and stress out every time I am in the ER. Which is often. I plan on being noticed. I plan on fighting with everything I have. I plan on educating myself in this new path that's ahead of me. I am a living, breathing human being. And I have a story.

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