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Neoplastic meningitis and no one will listen :/
feverfive posted:
My best friend who has these symptoms, and they all point to neoplastic meningitis. He was also diagnosed with MS in May, 2013. He has had a few flare-ups, but most of his MS clinic are not attributing MS to the headaches that have been occurring since late June, everyday. He is on percosets prescribed for them, and they come in waves and go. He has developed new symptoms as of yesterday, including leg pain and twitching in the right side of his face.

6/12/13. develop skin itching/abdominal discomfort/excess phlegm back of throat
Pain in abdominal area, mid/low back pain, itching continues over few days
6/17/13. appendectomy performed
Pains continue, MRI w and w/o contrast pelvis/abdomen negative. Abnormal blood work leads to PE CT scan which is negative. bone marrow biopsy negative. (both around 1st week of July)
6/25/13. Pains continue. Lower rib pain both sides with pleuritic type pain on lower right. Much worse on inhalation. Two week stretch of drenching night sweats begin with on/off low grade fever
7/5/13. headache develops. Both sides near ears.
7/13/13. Seizure. Headaches continue to develop.
7/19/13. Begin Copaxone.
7/22/13. Headache progressing continually back of head over top to front and behind eyes. Neck pain and stiffness. burning and tingling sensations in face/arms. Photophobic. On and off night sweats. Sensation of muffled hearing. Massive mid back pain at night. Weakness/pain in arms. Jaw pain/stiffness. Muscle twitches.
7/24/13. facial twitches/jaw pain/stiffness. arm and hand weakness/burning.

After his seizure, he was admitted for 3 days to hospital in central mass, where after a spinal tap, they attributed it to an MS flare up. However, the clinic disagrees.

He has found several case studies to support his symptoms, but his neurologist won't listen and he hasn't received a referral yet to Dana Farber.

His theory is a series of CT scans in the last two years have created a low grade cancer that has spread and become the neoplastic meningitis.

Are there any other ideas you may have? Are they suggestions getting these symptoms proven right or wrong?

Your help is appreciated.

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