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jasononsweets posted:
For the past 3 years my blood test has shown a high white blood cell count of 12,500.... I do not believe I have any infections but should I be concerned? Have any of you ever had a HIGH count and what was the number and outcome? Should I be concerned over this number. My red blood cells are within range.
jasononsweets responded:
Is anyone out there?
georgiagail replied to jasononsweets's response:
Yes and frankly, most of us don't know what our white blood cell counts are.

Keep in mind that "normal" ranges labs use can vary from lab to lab and are often considered normal based on the statistical range in a population. There will always be folks on either side of the "normal" variations.

If you've had this level for the past three years with no other symptoms then it's likely you can assume this is the normal level for you.

jasononsweets replied to georgiagail's response:
Gail. thank you. I always thought that people with cancer knew what their WBC is as it shows up on blood tests but I guess most people don't read the results.. but thank you....
georgiagail replied to jasononsweets's response:
I've never gotten a copy of my bloodwork and I'm both a cancer survivor and work in health care.

As you've alluded to, an elevated WBC would be a concern for an infection since, in an infection, the immune system would begin to crank these babies out to fight this. However, one would likely have other symptoms (the most common being a fever which is, again, the immune systems way of fighting an infection) and one wouldn't have a high level for 3 years running.

jasononsweets replied to georgiagail's response:
I feel okay except for an impacted tooth that I've had for quite some time. Possibly this is increasing my white blood count... not sure...

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