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Should I worry?
lionbaby73 posted:
for the past 3 months I've been experiencing severe pelvic pain, visible bleeding in the urine (clotted) pain before, during and after urination. painful intercourse, nausea, vomiting, weight loss, fatigue, frequent urination...UTI and other infections were ruled out at the ER..I havent been able to see the oncologist I was referred to due to medical insurance problems. OTC pain stuff are not working. I'm in agony and I'm starting to worry. I have some tolerable days but the rest of the time it's really bad. I don't know if I should be worried...I'm very anxious.
sam1985 responded:
I would suggest if you could get that insurance thing sorted out first and visit the doc. ASAP.
lionbaby73 replied to sam1985's response:
Thanks for your reply well I called the insurance and it's going to take another 4 weeks for me to get it! I also called my doc and gave her a summary of the last 3 months, She said it doesn't sound good and that she is going to review all the ER test results since nobody ever did!
brunosbud replied to lionbaby73's response:
If I were in your predicament, I'd document, in detail, the entire history of the pain and symptoms you've observed from the very beginning. I'd document all meds and supplements you've been taking. I'd document any related family history that could possibly relevant. I'd document family status and employment and which insurance you will have in 30 days....You can fax this to your doctor's office or email or mail a hard copy, too. This provides your physician with valuable information to assess your situation and determine if waiting is even an option. With this information, he/she can get a headstart on any tests to be performed prior to referral to a specialist. A retroactive billing of your insurance can be arranged if immediate medical attention is required. By documenting your condition and present status, you "force" your physician's hand, so to speak, but in a considerate and professional way.

Doctors hate patients that come to them, dump their load onto them, then, say "Can you fix this?" On the other hand, Doctors love patients who are proactive and take steps, in advance, to help themselves...things like eating a proper (ex. DASH) diet, daily exercise, cutting out all alcohol, cigarettes and nonprescribed medications. There can be many things that can cause pelvic pain and blood in urine so, please, don't conclude the worst. Take it step by step. You're in control. You're the doctor, now, while you wait. What action do you prescribe? Good luck.
lionbaby73 replied to brunosbud's response:
Thank you for your reply...I'm going to try this. I used to do this for my hypertension until my machine broke and I couldn't take my bp at home anymore but never thought about doing it for pain. My doc called me with August's ER visit's results. She stated I have a large mass on the left side that needs surgical removal and also mentioned something regarding my kidneys but I wasn't able to hear all the information because she had to go see her patients. She also said that if I'm still in a lot of pain and bleeding to go to the ER. I've had a lot of pelvic pain problems in the past due to ovarian cysts and endometriosis. I've had 7 laparascopies & a partial hysterectomy due to it but I've never had the pain urination,bleeding,nausea,vomiting,weight loss problems I'm having now. So I freaked out but everything will be OK...for now I try not to aggravate the pain, I try to keep myself hydrated and I'm taking OTC pain pills until I can see her.

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