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liver cancer, cirrhosis, and smoking marijuana
ronaldp14 posted:
My nephew had a successful oblation for liver cancer, but is battling cirrhosis. Although alcohol-free for 15 years, he smokes marijuana several times a week. His biggest problem right now is water retention. Could marijuana be causing this water retention?
georgiagail responded:
No; the cause of his water retention is his cirrhosis.

sam1985 responded:
Yes i think water retention is not because of marijuana as it is
claimed to have anti-bacterial properties, restrain the growth of tumor and also increase the airways that helps in breathing during asthma attack.
georgiagail replied to sam1985's response:
Marijuana has NONE of those properties.

compoundia responded:
I would like to suggest you consult to your doctor with all the reports and medical history. If any confusion consult more doctors of concern department. I think for treatment of any health problem this is the best way.

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