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Doctor Prescribed my SO Amoxicillin AND Doxycycline - Is this Malpractice?
riverwanderer posted:
I admit it, I'm worried.

HIS CONDITION (so the reader may reply with this in mind):

My significant other (3+ years now), is battling bladder cancer, he has had a Neo-bladder put in, his bladder removed, and now has a Node in the groin area infected with bladder cancer cells, of which is putting off a hotdog size tumor. This node was operated on in attempts to remove it, but only grew back larger. Now, two months ago a blood clot formed around where the surgery took place (deep inside of the groin), of which caused DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). Skip ahead to ONE week ago: An infection came on of which caused bright red skin and awful hardened swelling. It moved fast. We went to the ER and until they could figure out what the blood cultures indicated, they gave him many antibiotics (via IV), to try to slow it.

Skipping to today: They released him TODAY on Oral medications.... The prescription?? 500MG of AMOXICILLIN and 100MG of DOXYCYCLINE.. The Amox 3 times a day, the Doxy twice.

I have read over and over that these combination isn't recommended, unless your doctor says so... Can any one seriously justify our Doctor's decision to combine these medications?? IS THIS OK? Or is this malpractice?
georgiagail responded:
The concern is that the Amoxicillin may reduce the effectiveness of the Doxycycline.

Malpractice? Hardly. Many use these two medications without problems.

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