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Antioxidants & Antibiotics = Super-Drug To Cure Cancer?
kyjds posted:
Hello to the medical community of WebMD! My name is Joseph D. Smith, and I have sort of an idea of how we could combine antioxidants with antibiotics to form a super-drug to cure cancer. The molecules would fuse together, to bond into a whole new chemical.

As you know, antioxidants are a good way to prevent cancer, but they don't actually cure it. And you also know that antibiotics cure illnesses and diseases, but they have been largely ineffective in treating cancer alone. Combine both of them, and you may have an aggressive cure for treating cancer!

Cancer is very aggressive, so even if we did invent this drug, you would have to make sure it stays one step ahead of cancer, otherwise the drug will be too slow, and cancer will speed up.

I want some serious research and a serious discussion on this potential to cure cancer. Please, no bashing, and no down-playing, just a serious discussion on whether this will work, and how it would work.

Thank you WebMD!


Joseph D. Smith, autistic author of the book of poetry, "The Legendary Graduate".
georgiagail responded:
Since antibiotics are totally useless in curing cancer (they are effective against bacterial agents), why do you believe combining them with antioxidants (which by the way, have not been shown to be very effective at "preventing cancer" at all) will result in an "aggressive cure for treating cancer"?

You also seem to make the mistake of "lumping" all cancers as one type of disease and thus under the misguided idea that all cancers can be treated the same way.


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