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Worried that I might have Esophageal cancer
meitou03 posted:
HELP! for the last year I've had the feeling that there was something that was blocking my throat. I can eat just fine and the feeling seems to go away when I'm eating, but I'm scared I might have Esophageal cancer. I've seen a doctor when this first happened and they said it was nothing. I've seen a doctor a few more times after that and nothing. Today I was doing some google searches and I found this forum discussing the problem and I believe I might either have Cricopharyngeal spasm or silent/acid reflux! Sometimes when I swallow my saliva there's a clicking sounds while other times theres nothing.I'm really worried at this point, could anyone help me!
meitou03 responded:
Sorry guys, I don't know how to edit. But here it is, I don't have feelings of Heartburn, difficulty breathing(I do have a problem where I know exactly which one of my nose is in the nose cycles because I can't breathe through the other one), weight loss(I actually gained 10 pounds over winter), difficulty eating(I actually don't notice this when i'm eating), abdominal pain, the feeling that food is in my chest, coughing, but I do get the feeling of being chocked, but never while I'm eating it just occurs mainly when I brush my teeth or when I'm showering and i breathe in the steam.
atti_editor replied to meitou03's response:
Hi meitou03,

Have you spoken with your doctor about your thoughts that you might have cricopharyngeal spasm or silent reflux (laryngopharyngeal reflux)? You might make an appointment to see an ENT doctor, as he/she may be more familiar with these conditions.

Best wishes,

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