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Golf Ball-Sized lymph node on right side of my neck.
SimpleeMisty posted:
So a couple weeks ago I noticed that I had a strange, hard lump on the right side of my neck. I spoke to my teacher, who is an RN about it, and she said it could be that I am fighting an infection, but if it doesn't go down, definitely see a doctor.
A week passes, it's gotten slightly bigger, so I go to my doctor. He is unusually concerned about it, which worried me enough. He prescribed me antibiotics and steroids to try to bring down the swelling. He also had me get bloodwork done to check my CBCs, iron (I'm anemic), and to see if I had Mono or Epstein Barr. He said to come back in two weeks for a check up.
Results come back, everything is fine, aside from my iron and CBCs being slightly low. So my doctor calls me saying, "The bloodwork is good, but it's bad too. It's good because you're not sick, no Mono, Epstein Barr, no signs of infection. This is bad because your lymph node shouldn't be that big at all. So I don't want you to wait two weeks, I have an appointment for you to see a surgeon on monday, to schedule a biopsy."

So tomorrow's monday and now I'm worried. What are the chances of this being Lymphoma? I don't really have many risk factors. I am a healthy, 16 year old girl. I did take Accutane almost a year ago, and I have heard of connections between that and lymphoma, but anybody else have ideas?

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Chris_WebMD_Staff responded:

Anything here would be just a guess. Please let us know how things go and what the doc says!!
Best of luck and health to you!
SimpleeMisty replied to Chris_WebMD_Staff's response:
hi there

after an ultrasound of my neck they found six more "masses" the largest being 3.4x2.5x1.5cm
they also did a chest xray to check for masses there.
I have surgery on the 5th to remove the largest lymph node/mass

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