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esophogeal cancer
donniedude posted:
I was diagnosed with esophogeal cancer in March of 2010. I was told that the mortality rate for this type of cancer was low. I was sent to a surgeon and told when the tumor in my esophogous was small enough after chemo and radiation treatment. That he would operate on me by cutting part of my esophogous out and then streching part of my stomach up to replace it. I had chemo and radiation treatment. Then I went to a second surgeon for another opinion and he said that everything went so well with the chemo and radiation that he was not touching me with this so called needed surgery. I suggest always getting a second opinion. I had a pet scan done in January and was told that I am cancer free. I went and had another pet scan done in May with the same results CANCER FREE. I have always thought that this was just a bump in the road of life and that I would beat it. And I did. With a will to live for my family which is just two sisters, everyone else has died of cancer, I refused to let it happen to me. If you think that you are going to die then you will. I never once thought that I was going to die of cancer. While in the hospital with reactions from the aggressive treatment my doctors gave up on me and told my sisters that I wouldn't make it thru the weekend, and to get ready for a funeral. My sister standing outside of my hospital room crying a doctor came up to her and asked her what was wrong.She told him and he referred her to another doctor. I was sent by ambulance to another hospital and cared for by this new doctor. And here I am today.healthy and happy. The doctors said it was a miricle but I just thing if you have the will to live and a reason to live you will. So the moral of this story is never give up! Donniedude
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Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Thank you for sharing your story - giving up is not an option.

I wouldn't agree that those who do not survive don't have the "will and a reason to live". But I am glad you are healthy and positive.

bubblezbukhari responded:
glad to know that you are perfectly good now. you are absolutely right, you had a will to survive, and you did it.

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