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So emotional with Lupus.
jadaboous posted:
I have read alot of other post and see that i am not alone with this disease. Lately I have been waking up with fevers and hot flashes. One minute I am cold and the next I am burning up. Some days i feel good and feel like I could run a mile. I have been diagnosed with this disease for 9 yrs now. It seems that this year is just worse. There are alot of things I want to do with my kids and family but my body is just so tired. Is it common to lose appetite and not eat with Lupus? I have lost alot of weight in the past year and I a very uncomfortable with my weight loss. There are rashes that appear in the bend of my arms that just seem like it only wants to itch when people are around and then when it heels it leaves a dry scaly mark on my arm. How do you get people to understand how you feel without anyone thinking you are lazy? I can't afford to go to the doctor at this present time. I have been having a lot of stomach pains and I am not sure if Lupus is affecting it. There are times i can't even cough without my stomach hurting. To have sex is really getting unbearable. I have been to the E.R. for abdominal pain 6 times in the past year. They consantly keep telling me it is infection. I am really just hoping that someone else may have the same emotional and physical issues that i am having and can tell me a few things that could help me out until I can get some insurance. It is hard to cope with a disease when you have no support but don't want to feel helpless at the same time. I think at times I hide how i feel just so people won't treat me like I am disable but lately Lupus is taking control of my life. I need help in taking over Lupus and being able to live a somewhat normal life without walking and talking in pain. Someone please help!!!!!
Andie_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Jadaboous,

Ugh...I do not envy what you are going through! Sorry to hear about the pain and troubles you're enduring. ((Hugs))

You may not get the most beneficial help on Lupus from the Caregiving Community only because there is a wide variety of illnesses and conditions that the caregivers are familiar with.

I'd suggest that you try posting your question on our Lupus Communit y where there are plenty of members to support you as well as an awesome WebMD Health Expert that gives his advice as well.

I also moderate that community, so I hope to see you over there!


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