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the forgotten caregiver and mental illness
mentalIllnessCaregiver posted:
I see many supports for those who have family with Autism or Alz or strokes /diabetes.Everyone is fundraising or holding dinners or run support groups in the rural area I live in.Mental illness is not addressed,yet there is a lot of it here, especially in the poorer county.
I live in a rural area that has very few supports for a caregiver, caring for someone with a severe mental illness. It is very different living in a rural area as when I lived in the city.
I am moving back to the city as soon as I can so I can get better supports for my son. Thanks to my computer I obtain much info and discussion boards.Still it is better to be near a place that has many physical programs in place and meet people who are active in support groups, hear their experiences, what works.Although I have hooked up with one mental health org. NAMI when there are very 2 people involved who are functioning well, what benifit is it to someone as myself with big problems.If you know of other mental health supports for a caregiver who cares for a severe mentally ill adult please share.
appreciate it greatly need to keep my sanity
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hello and Welcome,

You are correct, mental illness is not campaigned for or publicized as other diagnosis/conditions.

What is your son's diagnosis? We will try to provide you with some specific information.

mentalIllnessCaregiver replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
I know its been over 2 years I will always be his main support person. He was diagnosed with schizoaffective bipolar at 24 yrs. He was precribed new med which triggered mania, he went off all his med it progressed to psychosis. He went 9 mos refusing meds,as violent, ended up in jail, was beat up n jail 3 mos there, it goes on and on. His condition has deterioated to paroiniod schizophrenia. He is 33 now. He is high functining, intelligent and very cognative. His father had it also so I can safely say that because I witness the same displays of behavior.

There have many issues to deal with. He is in a grouIp home now by law.He is forced by law to take the meds. He is safe and has his needs met. I really need to think about planning for the future when they release him. He cannot live at my home.The stress on me is a issue for me. I have yet to connect with other families who are actively managing and I dont feel I manage well.
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