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Caregiver burnout
An_254509 posted:
One year ago, my wife had a stroke. It was in the Pons area of the brain, so she is functional, except for some left side weakness. I am the only caregiver she has ( we are both 60 ) and we have
completely different outlooks on life. She sees her life as moving on with only the minor inconvenience of a weak left side. I see her falling, dropping plates of food, losing track of her thoughts and not really being able to think things through. I am reaching the point where I have little or no energy left due to keeping her safe ( I do her meds, all the driving, etc ) and have little time for me. She is slowly getting better, but that means I need to watch her more closely in case she tries something that she is not capable of doing. Since there is little feedback from her left side to her brain, she doesn't realize that she cannot do things with her left side. I need some guidance here in how to proceed in getting her to realize her limitations and to be more careful so I can get some rest.

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I'm the caregiver for both my parents and my in-laws. It's a juggling act but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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