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How To Weight Loss
hazeljhines posted:
Yeah wish OJ right that we did you what's going on and will that your purse okay so us peace to first so what i did. can take a look this isMike sou is about to eat this it then it'sbasically a chapter vegetable soup with tomatoes andcarrots and garlic and celery and parsley on top and then for the otherspecial today I'm I did a carrot reason ginger slaw over that it creates with apple andapricot ale thanks vinaigrette here wasting yourdreams she yeah I think and you're lame I in my dreams I have I am dream aboutmaking specials at work which is really it but I come upwith a really great big thank you know you know that but it's pretty cool andout actually dreamed about this yeah I made it and you look at me like that really downyes but I do 12 special today for the day and age i100 say just she comes in at ten o'clock by 10:30 at his best yeah okay people into gardeners 15 min per or birthday unaided it's very easy to carry anything else just know that that but OK make it back tonight gotta get right nowyou have next to no with the me up J ratio Janelle and your day went well with Mitchellendured that way talk to you J because what hedid that but little record for me store aworld record know as every dollar you done that too much more ever look at that it all water.

I said you can't yeah we'll talkabout that sure I'll yeah about going on three years ago weighing about 300 them 53 I'll that might be and I you know I was at a lot of healthproblems not just my way but chronic stomach pains always wanna go down for a week a you games back the outward ben dover back just give out on me for 34 I was like twenty years old you know I've been over 300 pounds I was about 13for so so it's very sad big guy on but kinda sorta going to change invest our no I don't want but home I think with my back to you about thatone I'm yeah that's really where set me to loseweight and I started on accident really I got sick my job but life well I wanna feel better and i wanna loseweight so I started cut now little things at atime the first thing was so of and I was going through a whole caseabout myself every day but I drink a whole case a soda pop Icut that and that's the only thing I change thepast 12 months six months I draw 75 house just switched sodabottle water.

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