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can not find reas. for symptoms
czexrus posted:
My father had stroke like symptoms 10 days a go. Slurred speech, droopy face, very high blood pressure, headache, could NOT swallow, dizzy, etc. Took him to ER, ct scan showed nothing, mri showed nothing, they sent him home on bloodthinners.

Now, 10 days later, same thing. The only added symptom is that his eye was bloodshot, but also the very high blood pressure, droopy face, headache, can't swallow. Took him to ER and once again, they can't find anything that is causing this.

I am extremely frustrated. He is seeing his neurologist today at the hospital. I m just wondering if this has happened to anyone else's loved one. Is there any other type of test that can detect a stroke besides a regular ct scan? Or to find a blockage. Heart seems fine, i feel that it is some sort of blockage in the brain? Thanks
Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
Could it be migraine related?

The very high blood pressure alone seems to me (and I am not a doctor) to be a factor in causing the bloodshot eyes, dizziness and headache.

Is he on medications that could be causing these symptoms?
lucy8834 responded:
I went through the same thing with my mom. You didn't say whether or not the symtoms went away but my mom's did. Then she would have them again. They diagnosed her with having TIA's which are mini strokes . Hers were brought on by her heart. The heart rate went down allowing the blood to become thicker then when it sped up the T I A would occur. A pacemaker stopped them from happening. MRA is one test that showed them all blood vessels in the brain to rule out blockage. Maybe suggest to his dr. Good Luck
sueczech responded:
Thank you for your responses. lucy - no the symptoms did NOT go away yet. 10 days ago when he had the first TIA the symtoms were gone by the next day. This time he still can't swallow and to complicate things he developed pneumonia! They checked his heart and they said everything looks good there; they are thinking now that it is in the brain stem. HOWEVER, 2 Ct scans and 2 mri's and nothing shows up in them. The doctors say that as soon as he can swallow (god willing, soon) that he can go home and he will be on cumidin (blood thinner). I'm worried that this can happen at any time!! My father doesn't want to leave the house he said once he gets home.

As far as migraines, i am going to check with the doctors. He had high blood pressure and can't swallow so i'm not sure if the migraine would be that severe with the symptoms. I'm worried about the pneunomia now. I'm not sure what the chances are for that to clear up. They put him on anitbiotics IV this afternoon. Thanks again. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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