jujulang posted:
How is it possible for my LDL to climb up from 167 to 178 in less than a month? I didn't sit down eat nothing but sweets and salt. I did go on vacation and indulge in some not so good to eat stuff, but not every meal every day and I didn't have any alcohol.
My new total is now 283. Triglycerides are 74, HDL is 90 and ldl is 178.
Should I be concerned , should I go on a statin?
BillH99 responded:
That amount of variation is norm. Unless you identical meals for the weeks before the test, identical exercise, identical sleep, identical illness/wellness (and including things like colds and sprains), etc you will get those variation.

Should I be concerned , should I go on a statin?

It is certainly high enough that you need to take a second look.

First look at lifestyle changes. Lose weight, if needed. And increase aerobic exercise. And reduce saturated fats. Those are mostly from fatty meats and full fat dairy products. Also make sure that you eat a lot of food with soluble fiber such as oatmeal.

The high HDL is protective, if the HDL is not "defective". And the trig are very good.

But the standard cholesterol test don't give the total story. You might ask your doctor about getting an sub-fraction test like a VAP, NMR, or Berkly. Some HDL is defective and is not protective. And some LDL is large particles that are not as dangerous as the small particles.

If it was me I would work on the lifestyle changes or 6 months.

Then if it is still high or if you have a number of risk factors such as family history, high BP, or an autoimmune disease then get one of the sub-fraction tests.