Thank You All
Blackfeather2 posted:
I just recently posted about the inability of my friend to take statins.
Then I read the post for hereditary cholesterol and I feel so much better. Nothing like a doctor saying "Well, she is going to die" when you tell them you witnessed the ill the statins bring and they don't believe a word you say. I've reframed my thinking. Just do what we can and live the best we can while we can because only Our Maker knows when we are going to go, really. I've stopped worrying, crying and secretly looking into how to get a burial site at Fort Sam Houston for my veteran friend. Being poor in money stinks - have to depend on the V.A. They aren't all bad doctors but.... Anyway, thanks community for posting your trials and successes. Thank You all. Peace Be With You All.
bobby75703 responded:
Blackfeather2, I wish you the very best. I live not to far from you in east Texas.