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The most consumed food in America?
bobby75703 posted:
On the subject of diet and cardiovascular disease, I asked myself what is the most commonly consumed food in America? What does America consume more than any other food?

After 10 years of reading product labels and giving it some thought, I gave it my best guess.... Wheat.

Down the cereal isle its by far the most common ingredient. Also on the cracker and cookie Isle its the most common ingredient. But it doesn't stop there. If it comes in a box or a bag, the first ingredient usually listed is "Enriched flour". Which is of course wheat.

If we explore good old Southern cooking where heart disease rages stronger, and ask ourselves "What exactly is southern cooking?" The answer becomes obvious. It has wheat flour added in the form of batter, then subjected to high temperature oil in a deep fryer. Hence chicken fried steak. Deep fried chicken, Country biscuits with white gravy made from wheat flour. Lets not forget the wheat pie crust after dinner.

If we take away wheat flour from southern cooking... we don't have southern cooking.

So if a person views southern cooking as a risk factor for heart disease, then maybe we should look at more than just the oil used to cook the food. Maybe we should also look at the food itself.


LokRobster responded:
would have guessed 'pizza', but hey that has wheat in it.
bobby75703 replied to LokRobster's response:
Right LokRobster, pizza is predominately wheat. Followed by cheese, then the toppings. But mostly wheat.
bobby75703 replied to bobby75703's response:
When America eats a sandwich, it doesn't matter if its a ham, turkey, or a beef sandwich. Its all served between two slices of......Wheat.

Fried chicken for Lunch? Its chicken with deep fried wheat.

Donut for breakfast? Its deep fried wheat. Maybe a slice of whole grain toast. Its wheat too. Perhaps a healthy whole grain adult cereal. Its still wheat.

"Wheat, wheat, wheat. Its mostly what we eat."

They even wrote a song about it "America the beautiful, with amber waves of grain..." There is no question America eats a lot of grains.

My guess is wheat is the most consumed processed food in America.

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