Diet is not working
jujulang posted:
Dr called tonight advising me cholesterol is as high as it has ever been and I have to go in to the office to talk to her about medication. I have been eating very well now for about 6 months and I mean fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, small dinner and popcorn for snacks. I have lost 12 lbs but my LDL continues to go higher. In August it was 167 and this week it's 192. I don't get it. I have a slow transit issue, gallbladder functions at 24% and it should be over 50%, gastric emptying is half of what it should be and I'm just wondering if my liver is just not getting rid of the LDL. My HDL is good at 79, and TG are 74.
I'm not grossly overweight, I could lose another 15 lbs and probably exercise more. I just don't understand why it keeps going up when I'm watching what I eat.
I guess I have to take the statin seeing that I'm 54 yrs old now and maintenance is due........................ Got any suggestions anyone?
bobby75703 responded:
Do you have any known heart disease? If I were in your situation, I would be curious what my arteries look like. I would want an ultrasound of my neck arteries and heart chamber to know If I have any disease.

If I didn't have any disease, I personally wouldn't go on medication for a disease I didn't have.

However if I found I did have artery disease, then I would go from there to explore my options.

Keep in mind cholesterol itself is not a disease.

There are risks associated with any drug, so weigh the risks to the benefits.