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    Question: LDL too low???
    popalina posted:
    Is this possible? I got my cholesterol levels checked because I have a very strong family history of heart disease, and got these results:

    HDL: 71
    LDL: 30
    Total cholesterol: 163

    The woman who gave me the results said that the LDL was the lowest she's ever seen. Is this something I should be concerned about? I know that LDL should be low, but is there a lower limit?

    Thank you for your responses!
    popalina responded:
    I should say: I also have a very strong family history of diabetes and obesity. I take synthroid for hypothyroidism and am now in the normal thyroid range and a healthy weight. I eat a sugar-free diet with very low carbs, but lots of good fats and lots of protein.

    Sooo... It seems like the numbers are good, but should I be concerned about the LDL being so low? Why would it be so low? Could it indicate some other problem? Or should I just chill out and be glad that it looks good?

    Thanks again! I'm sitting here being kind-of worried, until my physical with the doc next week when I get to talk with him about the results...
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to popalina's response:
    Although lower is better, your own LDL goal depends on your risk for heart disease. Here is an article about LDL but I encourage you to check in with your doctor regarding your specific numbers:

    All About LDL - The Bad Cholesterol

    bobby75703 replied to popalina's response:
    Hypolipidemia is defined as an LDL below 50. Also a total cholesterol of 120 or less is defined as hypolipidemia.

    You stated you take synthroid for hypothyroidism. If a person were to consume too much synthroid, this would induce HYPERthyroidism and could potentially push cholesterol numbers too low.

    Even if your TSH is normal, look at the Free T3 to see if there is an excess of unbound T3 as this could certainly cause low cholesterol.

    If Your T3 numbers look good, then I don't know what else it could be.

    Wish you the best and keep us posted on what you find.

    billh99 responded:
    My guess is that you have very high triglycerides, which have their own risk factors.

    If this was not a fasting test then the triglycerides and LDL numbers will be off.

    I wonder if this was a screening test? If so you want to see a doctor and have a new Fastening test run.
    popalina replied to billh99's response:
    I was fasting for 12 hours.

    What is the relationship between triglycerides and LDL? Do high triglycerides lower LDL?

    I looked up high triglycerides and it says that it is normally caused by diets high in carbs, but I consume a very low carb diet (~<30 carbs/day) (and no meat or meat fat whatsoever) so I am thinking that probably not... But they never gave me that number specifically. They just said "everything is normal" and when I pushed for the cholesterol info they gave me the aforementioned breakdown.

    Worth asking about at my appointment, though... Thanks for the suggestion!
    popalina replied to bobby75703's response:
    Thanks for the info. Would I be considered as having hypolipidemia if my LDL is so low, but total cholesterol is normal? Is low LDL like mine always a bad thing?

    They said my thyroid looked normal on the test (it was a cbc, including cholesterol and thyroid) because that was something else they wanted to check up on. But maybe they were just looking at TSH and not T3... I really hope they don't lower my thyroid medication it because I feel awful when my thyroid gets low. Awful, awful, awful, every-bone-in-my-body-aches-and-is-tired-awful.

    Thanks for the feedback. It is interesting how everything is so interconnected, like trying to solve a puzzle. I'll have to try to get more info from my doctor next week.
    popalina replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
    I have high risk factors due to heredity, but my weight is normal and I eat a very healthy diet and I myself have not had any heart issues, diabetes, etc. So even if I am in the riskiest category, it recommend staying below 70, I believe. But is there a lower limit to stay above?
    billh99 replied to popalina's response:
    In most test LDL is not measured. It is calculated from

    LDL = TC - HDL - VLDL

    VLDL = triglyceride/5

    When triglycerides are very high (don't remember the number, but I think either over 500 or 1000) then the formula is not accurate and a direct LDL measurement is needed.

    I also have a very strong family history of diabetes

    High trig are associated with diabetes.

    I am not sure of the details, but I believe that there are diabetes "like" conditions with normal blood glucose levels, but insulin resistance so that it has some of the same effects as diabetes on the body.

    I am really not sure about the details, but with the family history, and the presumed high trig, and your low carb diet I would ask about this.
    bobby75703 replied to popalina's response:
    "Would I be considered as having hypolipidemia if my LDL is so low, but total cholesterol is normal?"

    I was wondering the same thing. Don't really have an answer for you. But I don't blame you for your concern since LDL is essential to good health.

    Keep in mind artery plaque can still form in people with low LDL levels such as 70. In other words having LDL well within the guidelines does not make a person immune from developing heart disease, heart attacks or strokes.

    But I am just as curious why your LDL Is so low, so please keep us posted if you find an answer.
    bobby75703 replied to popalina's response:
    You could always try a non fasting lipid panel. That represents reality anyway. How often do you go 12 hours without eating?

    You will probably get a higher number with non fasting lipid panel. This would be your real-time lipids. In other words, what your lipid panel really looks like thru the course of a normal day.
    popalina replied to billh99's response:
    Wow- interesting. Thank you for the information. They didn't mention that anything was wrong with the triglycerides when they called but maybe my doc is just waiting to talk with me next week when I have my physical. I will ask him about this for sure.
    popalina replied to bobby75703's response:
    I have a physical with my doc next week and will let y'all know what he says and if there are any more unusual results. They did a pretty thorough blood test, from what I understand, so maybe something else will come up weird that might explain the low LDL. They didn't mention anything else but my doc might have more info, hopefully.

    Good point about the fasting. Maybe my numbers are "more normal" than the bloodwork would indicate. I tend to eat all day long, small meals and bites, so it is very unusual that I would go 12 hours without eating.
    popalina responded:
    You know, my blood pressure also tends to be a bit lower than an average person's, and my body temperature, too (96-97). Also, when I go to the doc they've always commented that my heart rate is very slow, and my blood sugar also is usually in the low-80s, even after I've eaten. (I have a glucose meter for my cat, who has diabetes, so I've checked myself and my husband out of curiosity, lol). I wonder if all this is related in some horrible thing... Or if I'm just naturally weird like that.
    bobby75703 replied to popalina's response:
    Maybe your carbohydrate consumption is too low.

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