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Statin or not? Reply to AN_243333
vic69 posted:
You do not include a CRP (C-Reactive Protein), a measure of inflammation which some cardiologist, would prescribe a stain independent of LDL, etc. I generlly agree with BillH99, he is very informed and I suspect has a medical background. To give you some background on myself, I almost believe that statins should be added to the water supply. This was not the case when they first appeared in the mid 80's, I was not a supporter. You however do not fit the typical patient,poor diet, sedentary, hypertensive, etc. Diet changes and a s recommended Sitosterol, Stanosterol in adequate doses, may be a possibility. However, unless you are a naturalist, have a CI, or SE to statins, I don't understand your concerns.
I am not certain if you have the buoyant(sp?) pattern.
Lifestyle maybe a big factor in your family history, but you are right to be concerned about your levels.


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