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Statins: Does Money Buy Loyalty?
bobby75703 posted:
A physician ( name withheld and no relationship with webmd) blogs on the net concerning statin drugs. He is very pro- statin, and discredits everyone or anything that comes along that questions the safety of the drugs.

In the end he paints a very positive picture of statin drugs.

Just one problem. This physician has a financial relationship with several statin makers. Its an impressive list of payments from statin drug companies to this doctor.

How can we as patients know the advice we are receiving is pure when conflicts of interest like this exist?

Does money buy loyalty?
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
There was just a discussion on the Diabetes board about physicians and researchers with an "agenda".

Again, I have to stress personal responsibility is key for anyone seeking medical advice or treatment. The days of "don't question the doc, he knows all" are over. It's up to the patient to do the research, ask the questions and get 2nd opinions.

I worked for a medial malpractice legal firm 20 years ago. Believe me when I say doctors are not perfect.


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