Generic for crestor
lkedesplit posted:
Hope I can help ,I also had a bad experience with the price of creator last order was 160 $ so I went back to doctor she wrote a pric for WELCHOL 3.75 it is a powder you mix with water or juice, it does get some what thick, but at 3 $ a pill for crestor I sure can get it down, hope this is helpful
billh99 responded:
Just for the record Welchol is not not a statin.

While Crestor is not available as a generic there are a number of statins that are generic. Simisvastatin is available for about $10/month.

While both lower cholesterol, they have different secondary efects - both good ones and undesirable ones.
lkedesplit replied to billh99's response:
thanks but i have had cancer surgery and not able to swallow pills with out grinding them up I was on Simisvastatin and when I ground it up it made me breakm out in a rash, so my ddoc said to replace it with Welchol 3.75g thank once again