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tbfoster posted:
Say I went to my doctor with a long list of complaints expecting one miracle pill to cure them all.

Say I can't use my shoulders without pain to take off anything over my head, or to fasten my bra. And I have sleep issues, and bad dreams. And such leg fatigue that I cannot go grocery shopping or walk more then fifty feet without having to stop and rest. And I've had a personality change; developed 'holes' in my memory; lost all my enthusiasm, and creativity and my normal sunny outlook. There are more issues, but those I can more or less put up with.

I've tried three different statins, and I'm done taking them. They are (for me) the un-magic pill that when I quit taking them, all of the above bad things just go away. Like magic. I'm not willing to spend the rest of my life as an invalid just to reduce my chances of heart disease by 35%. I'll watch my diet, exercise, and take my chances.

I heard on TV the other day that 33 million folks in the US are on statins. That is about one in ten and a whole lot of the population is way too young to be considered. Supposedly only 5% are affected with the leg cramps, or weakness...but everyone I know has quit taking them mainly because of that. All of them intelligent, educated, mature folks who have made the choice that the side effects are not worth the benefits. All of them too had tried more then one brand.

Big Pharm is going to have to come up with something better or in five years there are going to be millions of folks all riding around on some form of 'wheelie".
bobby75703 responded:
I agree with you 100%.

Except statins don't really reduce YOUR chances of heart disease by 35%. That is public perception based upon something called Relative Risk Reduction from industry funded studies.

The Absolute Risk Reduction is what really counts. Meaning roughly 100 men have to take statins to spare one man a cardiac event. In other words a 1% absolute risk reduction.

The above 1% is for those who accept results from drug company studies of their own product they are selling.

People who take statins do not live one day longer than people who don't. So I agree with you and everyone else about the quality of life issue.

In my personal opinion, statins do nothing to prevent heart disease, heart attacks or strokes. They are sold on the basis of popular opinion cholesterol is an evil villain, placed in our bodies for the purpose of giving us a heart attack.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Cholesterol is vital to good health.

I believe statins have done substantial damage with ZERO benefit.

farsidexyz responded:
"I heard on TV the other day that 33 million folks in the US are on statins." Not very likely

"In a survey of 78,000 patients prescribed statins, 23% did not pick up their first prescription and 50% had discontinued within 11 months, according to Professor Leon Simons of the
University of NSW Lipid Department at St Vincents' Hospital in Sydney."
Source --

bobby75703 replied to farsidexyz's response:
Seems the estimate for how many Americans are on statins is always a different number. 18 million, 20 million, 30 million.

I do remember now hearing that half discontinue statins after one year, or something like that.

These drugs are wildly profitable, so the drug company would probably prefer you stay on them for life. I doubt they care if you swallow them or not, as long as you keep on buying them.

Sales is sales. Its aggressive.

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