chessiepk posted:
My doctor said that I should not read the blogs, that they are filled with misinformation. In fact, he claims this is all psychosymatic! I'm in such pain and that is all he can say. Nice. I'm ticked off.
bobby75703 responded:
You have every right to be ticked off. You have been injured.

You also have every right to exchange information with others who have had the same or similar experience.

The side effects of statins are well known. Muscle aches and pains from statins are all well known and well documented in medical literature.

Side effects from statins is NOT psychosymatic. If your doctor doesn't like the blogs, you can give him the information from the National Library of Medicine, or the Physicians Desk Reference.

The truth is too many physicians have been bought by the drug companies.

On the other side of the coin, there are excellent Doctors out there that will be truthful with you. I know some of these Doctors. Let me say they have their patients best interest at heart. They have integrity.
chessiepk replied to bobby75703's response:
Thank you. I appreciate your words. I'm still in pain but it has lightened up a glad.