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Are these readings good?
angelintrini posted:
Done on April 30, 2012

total = 154
triglycerides=93 (was 79 in October 2011)
hdl=38 (isn't this too low?)
ldl=98 (close to 100....dont think it's good)
cardiac risk factor =4.0 (the range on my lab results (3.5 to 6.4)
I'm also diabetic.
billh99 responded:
Fairly good.
Optimum LDL is < 100
And Optimum nonHDL (TC - HDL) is <130.
Some doctors think that this is the most important measurement.

Desirable Trig is < 150, but some doctors like to see is < 100.

As an independent measurement the desired level is >39 (>49 for women).

Fish oil (and cold water fish) is one way to help raise HDL.

Here are some other ideas.
angelintrini replied to billh99's response:
BillH99, thanks for the information.

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