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100 Years of Heart Disease at a Glance
bobby75703 posted:
The following 100 year graph depicts the rise and fall of heart disease in America. On the declining side you will see my notations in RED on the introduction of statins in 1987.


This snapshot clearly shows CVD had a steeper decline BEFORE statins came into the picture.

bobby75703 responded:
Oops. Something went wrong on the link.
billh99 replied to bobby75703's response:
You can't link to a file on your computer.

You can post it to a site like Fickler and then link to that. But not all sites allow linking.

You might be able to copy and paste it in your message. Don't know if the software allows that or not.

Yes it does allow pasting images such as the logo above.
bobby75703 replied to billh99's response:
Thanks Bill. I have always been able to copy and paste to this forum. This time it refused to copy and paste. I'll give it another try.

bobby75703 replied to bobby75703's response:
bobby75703 replied to bobby75703's response:
Finally I got the graph up. Notice the best rate of decline is between 1970 and 1987 for CVD and Stroke. For Heart Disease overall, no change in decline rate pre and post statins.

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