Cholestrol Levels
lsmithm posted:
Hi, I have a question about my levels i do not understand them. Does these levels mean i have high cholestrol. Chol says 210a. HDL is 47. Trig it says is 137
billh99 responded:
Note - no medical professional regularly responds in this forum.

If you are a woman then an HDL of 47 is low. If a man it is acceptable, but not less than ideal.

Your total cholesterol and LDL are marginally high.

You did not give any information about yourself (age, activity level, family history, etc).

But with levels like that it is worth discussing with your doctor along with your risk factors.

Unless you have a large number of risk factors most like your numbers can be brought into a much better range by lifestyle improvements (better diet, weight lose, and increased exercise).