Update on statin med
Okiemomma2012 posted:
My doctor ended up taking me off the Crestor. We are trying to control my levels through diet and exercise which I had tried in the past but it didn't lower my numbers enough to be in a safe range. I am now taking Niacin in the evenings and exercise several days a week, I have lost 30 lbs over the last year and hope to lose about another 20 or so. A girl can dream ) I am glad to be off the Crestor but I am also scared that something is going to happen. I have two small kids to worry about. Doctor did mention that there are other cholesterol reducing drugs available that are not in the statin group but they don' t reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack. I have to get my cholesterol checked in January so we will see what lies ahead. I am glad that I found this blog because I needed to hear that other people struggle with these statin drugs as well and I am not some hysterical female.
iride6606 responded:
Can I ask how high your cholesterol numbers are?
Okiemomma2012 responded:
Before I went on the medication my cholesterol was 250, with the Crestor it had gone down to about 137.
iride6606 replied to Okiemomma2012's response:
That is a big improvement, but much depends on your breakdown. Was your LDL over 130 or do you have high HDL?