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Fast Food and Heart Disease
An_247580 posted:
Plain and simple: Fast food places have added healthier foods to their menus. Meats and fries are cooked in lighter oils. Finally, portions are smaller compared to years ago when the meat was larger than the bun.

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bobby75703 responded:
There is no question fast food has added healthier options in recent years.

Back in the 70's it was just hamburgers, fries, soft drinks and shakes. I remember it well. But during this time heart disease was in decline according to NIH graphs.

Smoking was in substantial decline back in the 70's, so that's where I would put the most credit with respect to heart disease declining back then.

Later McDonald's switched from Beef tallow to Transfat vegetable oils. Heart disease continued its decline despite, maybe due to the continued decline in smoking and cleaner air environment.

It hasn't been that long since McDonalds stopped using transfats, and the menu selection sure has improved. Still fast food is not a good choice.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to bobby75703's response:
I think we all know that fast food isn't the best choice!
Ideally, I would buy fresh, organic produce and protein and cook every night. However, fast food meals do happen occasionally.

We have an interesting tool here. WebMD's registered dietitian, Kathleen Zelman, looks at what to avoid and what to consider at five popular fast food restaurants.

Fast Food Choices

I use this as a guide - the kids aren't happy about "no fries", of course.


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