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    Can this really cut my LDL in half?
    benjenmn posted:
    What do you think?

    A friend lowered his LDL from 170 to 85 in 30 days. He was not using statins. He claims he changed nothing in his routine, except he ate Truhealthmd food twice a day for snacks.

    Do you think the food along could have such a dramatic effect in 30 days? Should I try it?

    I am not going to do the cookbook thing. I travel too much, and have tried the statins, but had significant muscle aches. Currently not on statins and LDL is high at 180.
    billh99 responded:

    I did not look at each item in detail, but it appears that it is based on fiber, Omega 3's, Antioxides, & phyosterols.

    All of which are commonly available and know for heart health.

    You can get the fiber in things like apples, oatmeal, and suppliments like Metamucil.

    Omega 3's from fatty fish and fish oil.

    Antioxiides from many foods, specially colorful fruits and vegies. While not specifically for lowering LDL it does help health in many ways.

    Phyosterols are a chemical that mimics cholesterol and overrides the bodies cholesterol. It is only available in small amounts in food. But it is available in a concentratred form in some modified foods (some margarine and OJ) and suppliment such as CholestOff and CardioTabs.

    But a lot has to do your existing diet and genetics. For some people it would have minimal effects.
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi benjenmn -

    I'm not a cookbook type of person either! But you don't need to spend money on specially formulated food to lower your risk of heart disease. Eating well is challenging when traveling but you can make food choices from any grocery store, farmers markets and many restaurants. I even found a fresh fruit kiosk at the Los Angeles airport last month!

    Check out this slideshow for more information:
    Lowering Cholesterol Slideshow: 15 Tips for Avoiding Heart Disease

    Also, although lower is better, your own LDL goal depends on your risk for heart disease .

    Be sure to talk with your doctor before you start a specific diet or exercise plan.

    Squattymutton responded:
    I have my doubts that the food would lower his LDL that quick.
    I was on statins for several yrs. I had to get off of them as
    I was having muscle cramps in my legs 4 & 5 times a night.
    I am now taking Rice Bran oil and it keeps my LDL under
    control with no side effects.
    missteddy responded:
    I lowered my total cholesterol from 265 to 188 in less than 2 mos.....using Zetia and 500mg of Niacin. I believe Niacin worked because Zetia had never had that effect before when I took it. During this time, my LDL dropped from 167 to 111. Also, I ate a lot of salads, fish and chicken and just overall watched my food intake. I go to the gym and walk practically everyday along with exercise bike and some low impact strength training on my own. I always did take fish oil and CoQ10 before but did not get these results until the Niacin. I am unable to tolerate statins as well. I was pleasantly surprised and quiet happy for these results because in the past there was hardly any difference unless I was taking a miserable statin. I hope this info helps someone else as well. Note that.....very high doese of Niacin can affect the Dr. wanted me to take 1000mg. but I decided to go only to 500 and it has worked.
    Ross33 responded:
    Yes it appears to be possible by diet alone - without special pills. Last January, I lowered my LDL result from 198 to 85 mg/dl in a 28 day period (Total cholesterol dropped from 294 to 156). Instead of eating mostly fast food items such as baconators, big macs and pizza, I subsisted on a daily lunch of oatmeal and an evening meal of foods with little or no saturated fat.

    And I run more than 40 miles per week.

    I didn't want to start taking statins.

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