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rayg874 posted:
I have permanent muscle damage from Lipitor. If you want more information read NIH Statin Study, just Google it. I have had friends who have had serious effects from Lipitor. They were lucky, they quit and they were able to recover. The statins deplete the COQ10 enzyme from your muscles and brain. The drug companies knew this but did not tell anyone. They told the doctors it was so safe that the doctors never guessed it was the source of my pain. After 2 years of hell, one doctor suggested I try going off Lipitor and my pain started to decrease. Please be careful, Crestor is one of the most dangerous Statins on the market.
iride6606 responded:
So which are you talking about, you mention both Lipitor and Crestor.

In any case, you are statistically looking at less than 1% risk of muscle damage which means the risk is less than the benefit. I guess that doesn't mean much when you are the 1%.

Hope it works out for you.


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