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When to retest cholerestrol levels?
An_250161 posted:
I have been off prescribed statins for two months. My doctor suggested stopping these after my liver enzymes where a little high. I am concerned about my total cholestrol as it was difficult to get under control. I recently had to switch physicians and the new one felt the high liver enzymes were due to medication. My question is how soon can I ask for a re-check of blood levels.
iride6606 responded:
I would wait at least 90 days. That is more than enough time for any statin related liver issues to resolve.

Hope it works out for you!
suki65 responded:
I have mine done every 2 months for cholesterol ,
i came off statins due to side effects i now take policosaol with coq10 and seeing how they go i will know next week if they are good ,but i have no side effects with them
gymrat47 responded:
I was taken off a very high dose of statins because my CK enzyme was insanely high. I had been on an 80 mg dose. In a month, my cholesterol went up a lot. During that time I was referred to a dietician and learned how to eat to improve it. I also started taking Cholestoff (an otc produt) on her advice. In 90 days my cholesterol had dropped significantly. I did 2 more 90 day rechecks and my doctor put me back on the same statin but at a 10 mg dose. That dose combined with my weight loss, eating changes and lots of exercise has kept me under 200 for 2 years. --If you have access to a dietician, it's a big help. Mine gave me lots of info on specific brands of foods and how to balance what I eat and avoid the bad fats. You can do a lot with your diet. -- My best advice came from a cardiologist I met with. "Don't worry-it will be okay." She was absolutely right, but hearing an expert say it made me feel a lot better.

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