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high cholesterol in mid-age
Asian4 posted:
1) Why does high cholesterol tend to show up in mid-age?

2) What happens if his or her cholesterol rate continues to rise?

3) Can high cholesterol be avoided?
billh99 responded:
Probably a number of factors.

1. Changes in lifestyle - less exercise and more food.
2. Increase weight
3. Natural changes in the body such as reduced lean muscle mass.
4. Decrease in hormone levels.

Note that the first 3 can be reduced/eliminated by improved diet and exercise.
iride6606 replied to billh99's response:
I think the biggest reason is that our metabolism slows down as we age if our activity level drops. The slower our metabolism, the less fuel we burn and the more fat builds up in our arteries. Part of aging if we let it be I'm afraid.

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