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    LDL150 HDL64 Triglicrydes160 Total 246 Ratio 3.8
    An_250776 posted:
    My numbers are

    HDL 64
    Trig 160
    Total cholesterol 246
    Ratio 3.8

    Do you think I need to take statins ? Just diet and excercie. The numbers confuse me at some seem high but the ratio of 3.8 seems acceptable Any help is appreciated. Doctor wants me to take statins but prefer not to if possible. Looking for other opinions Thanks
    billh99 responded:
    Just diet and excercie

    Why not try it for 6 moths and then get a new test.

    And appropriate diet is medicine.
    Exercise is medicine.

    While most doctors recognize this and many will mention it to their patients way too few really push it for several reasons. They know that way too few actually follow through and that it takes too long, for which they are not reimbursed, to really explain it in details.

    But study after study and many people personal experience indicate that diet and exercise is very powerful in maintaining/improving health. And even when prescribed medicines are needed that diet & exercise still play a very significant part.

    The numbers confuse me at some seem high but the ratio of 3.8 seems acceptable

    There are a number of ways of looking at lipids and other cardiovascular risk factors.

    Some think that non-HLD (TC-HLD) is a better indication of risk. In your case it is 182. Below 130 is optimal.

    And your high Trig are a risk factor in their own right.

    If you are not sure you might want to look for cardiology prevention specialist.

    There are other risk, such as cholesterol particle measurements, test for inflammation factors, and others.

    Also a CT calcium scan (Cardio scan) and show if you have plaque starting to form.

    And looking at things like family history and other medical conditions that increase risk.

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