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How to Increase HDL?
Bruce80013 posted:
I've never smoked, exercise 4-5 times weekly, follow the DASH diet, have lost 15 lbs over two months, and lowered my total cholesterol and LDL to 110 and 55, respectively. However, my HDL remains under 40. I understand that I should increase it to 50 and optimally to 60. I guess I can eat salmon weekly (easy to do living north of Seattle) and start eating flax seed. Are there other ways to increase my HDL? I'm taking Lipitor and Plavix if that complicates any strategies.
billh99 responded:
I have read that HDL does not drop when losing weight, but rather afterwards. Don't know how true this is or how long it takes.

But I looked at my records. After I went on a statin and started losing weight my HDL dropped. It did not go up again until 1.5 years later and 1 year after I lost most of my weight.

But there where several other issues going on at the time so I can be real sure of cause and effects.

As to what else you can do. It is just not Omega 3's, but also other consumption of PUFA & MUFA fats such as olive oil, canola oil, nuts, & avocados.

Increased fiber from foods.

And reduce as much sugar and simple carbs as you can.

And if you don't have high trig moderate alcohol (1-2 drinks/day).

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