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"bad" cholesterol
tomjar posted:
If there is such a thing as "bad" cholesterol, which seems unlikely since evolution is about survival, should not the optimum level be zero?
bobby75703 responded:
Zero 'bad' cholesterol would mean death for mammals.

Cholesterol is a very important bio chemical needed for survival. This is why the body manufactures cholesterol in the first place.

LDL carries cholesterol to the tissues. Without this function there would be a health crisis, eventually death.
The nervous sysstem would deteriorate, steroid hormones would be depleted, muscle cells would deteriorate.

Despite all the marketing and consumer demand to lower cholesterol, every one of us depends on 'bad' cholesterol for survival.
smshashi responded:
Great that you have asked such a critical and common sense question. I do not think the mainstream medical community has the answer for such common sense questions.

Read this and your doubts should go away.

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