Low cholesterol in children under 5
peachlakejoan posted:
My granddaughter who is about 4.5 years old was just diagnosed with a total cholesterol level of 99. what could this be due to? What are the causes? What are the negative effects of this? What could it be an indicator of? How do we solve the problem?
Anon_320 responded:
Didn't the doctor who diagnosed her answer any of those questions? I really think the doctor needs to be the one to give you this information; nobody here is a health care professional.
billh99 responded:
That is not a Diagnose, rather it is just a clinic sign.

Just like taking a temperature or blood pressure reading. It is just a number. Then you need to ask if the number is within a normal range or not.

And if it is out of range, then along with other signs and symptoms are used to develop a diagnoses.

I could not time any references to normal total cholesterol in young children, but did find a reference for LDL in the range of 20-50.

And research based on infants, native people still living a hunter gather lifestyle, and other mammals have predicted that an inherit normal range for total cholesterol is 100-150.

So depending on her lifestyle that 99 might be a normal value, or it could indicate a normal genetic variation, or it might be causes by some other condition.