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    Statins and Vitamin D
    medinq13 posted:
    With low levels of Vitamin D, read that Lipitor interferes with absorption. Is this true for all statins?
    iride6606 responded:
    There are studies trying to determine all statins effect of vitamin D deficiency. Currently the study results indicate it is premature to link vitamin D deficiency to statins, there is not enough evidence to say the two are linked. Keep in mind, cholesterol is necessary for the body to process vitamin D from the skin so the question is this, is it the statin or is it the resulting lower cholesterol. Again, until we truly understand how much cholesterol is needed by the body compared to where to draw the line with increased risk there will be many more questions than answers.
    billh99 responded:
    Not your question.

    But low levels of vit D have been related to muscle soreness. And I know of several doctors that will test and treat for low vit D before prescribing statins and they claim that they have very few patients that have problems tolerating the statins.
    medinq13 replied to iride6606's response:
    Thank you. I should have been more specific about absorption from the GI tract. My doctor keeps prescribing 50,000 units of Vitamin D a week for six weeks. Then test again and it is still low. Yet, when I decided to take a "sun bath" - 10 min, no sunscreen, exposing the torso and the thighs, after two weeks the level was high. This is when I went in search of absorbing Vitamin D taken as a supplement. Getting it from the skin is fine, at least for me. But it was on that link that drug interference was mentioned and it included Lipitor. I have been taking Vytorin and then switched to Simvastatin. They have done wonder to lower my cholesterol but Vitamin D level has been low. Until the recent "sun-bath."
    billh99 replied to medinq13's response:
    My understanding is that cholesterol is only involved in forming vit D from the sun. That is the same form as the supplements.

    From vit D3 it undergoes several steps to the form(s) that the body uses.

    See these articles.

    Since you make high levels from the sun it seems that statins are not your problem.

    Pure speculation, but I noticed that most of the natural dietary vit D is associated with fats (fatty fish and fish oils) that you need to take the supplement with a fatty meal.

    In fact there is a current study on that But I don't think that any results have been published.
    But according to this older studies have show mixed results.

    Here is a list of some things that affect vit D levels. specifically #8&9 #5
    Both Lippitor and simisvstatin use the CYP 3A4 pathway. Most statins do, but there are one or 2 that don't.

    But there are a large number of different things that affect CYP 3A4 include some herbs and grapefruit juice.

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