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    Cholesterol Management
    JJTX66 posted:
    I have been taking Lipitor for cholesterol control for the past 9 years due to an 85% blockage in my right carotid that had to be cleaned up in 2004. My total cholesterol was running between 178-218 for years, even while taking 80 mg daily. I then had a totally blocked LAD (widow-maker) the main artery delivering oxygenated blood to the heart muscle and had to have a stent in that vessel in 2010. Over the past few years I have tried weight watchers plans and have always been a huge vegetable eater. I have gained a few pounds over the years but remain active and exercise regularly. However, I always thought you had to eat animal protein with most of your meals. After reading "Eat to Live" by Dr. Fuhrman and doing a lot of extensive research I no longer believe that. On January 1st of this year (2013) I started on a mainly plant-based diet. I drink fruit smoothies for breakfast with almond milk (not yogurt), eat raw/cooked vegetable salads and steamed veggies for lunch, and only eat a meat protein (fish, chicken, turkey) 3-4 days a week for dinner along with more veggies. After 3 months of almost eliminating meat protein from my diet my blood chemistry results were amazing, especially to me. My total cholesterol dropped from 198 down to 119. My LDLs were cut in half - from 89 down to 43. I was shocked. I finally decided that if you don't put the fat in your body, it will NOT show up in your blood report.
    So I am now about 8 months into my new eating plan. It has been tough because my husband is such a carnivore and so much social activity revolves around eating. Out of 21 meals a week (3 meals/day) I am still not eating any meat protein of any kind at 17-18 of them. I am having my blood work re-done in September. I am anxious to see if the numbers have stabilized or if they are lower. Very interesting. There is so much misinformation out there and most claims on foods and products are to make money - you must be an advocate for your own health period.
    Just passing this along. Not sure what works for others, but this plan works for me. I do want to see my grandchildren grow up! Hope this helps somebody else.
    billh99 responded:
    As I posted in another thread, there is a wide range of body chemistry.

    For a large number of person the cholesterol in the body does not come from digested fats. Rather excess carbs are converted in the body to fats for storage.

    For example I eat lots of animal protein, low fat diary, along with nuts (fats) and added olive oil - along with my fruits and veggies. But no grains other than breakfast oatmeal. So my carbs are on the low end, but not extremely low.

    And on only 20 mg. Lipitor my TC was 113, LDL 47, HDL 59, trig 35.

    What is "dangerous" is the commercial "low fat" products that have replaced fats with sugars.

    But for other an ultra low fat diet works.
    JJTX66 replied to billh99's response:
    I totally agree with you. There is no one size for all. I have been to a couple of lectures/workshops and it was explained that some people are bigger producers of cholesterol than others, depending on your body chemistry. Trying to find what will work for your body is a real challenge. I also dropped the fish oil and now add ground flax seed to my daily breakfast. It has fiber, not just oil along with the Omega 3s. Best of luck to your continued low numbers.

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