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Getting off cholesterol Medication
gerb01 posted:
I Been on cholesterol medication, Simvastatin 40mg. for a few years, and about a little over a month ago, developed reaction from it, like my skin was crawling, due to a sun burn.
I came off of the Simvastatin, and with in a couple of days, the severe itching quit.
I always had symptoms:
1. Shortness of breath
2. Chest felt heavy
3. Heart burn
4. Sore and weak muscles
5. Joint pain
6. Hearing loss
7.Couldn't stand for any lenght of time.
8.Couldn't walk over 100 yrds, w/o sitting down.
9.Would get up, in the morning feeling great, and couple of hrs. later, would feel exausted.
10. Was gaining weigh, do to the fact, that I was unable to exerise.
I thought that being 67 yrs old, and had a heart attack, 14 yrs ago, and have had 4 stents, to date, was my heart.
I would complain to my doctor, and asked him, was this old age, or my heart, he would order a treadmill for my, which I would always pass.
My doctor would never tell me, what was causing all of this.
To make a long story short, I quit taking the Satin drug, and within a couple of days, noticed a big difference, in my health.
I went from, not being able to walk, or stand, to riding a bicyle, to date 14 miles a day, 7 days a week, and feel like a new person.
I also loss 19 lbs, within a month, but do watch my diet, very close.
I now eat "no" red meats, "no" deep fried foods, "no" pototes, and "no" dairy products. I do eat, baked, unbreaded fish, skinless chicken breast. Plus I eat a lot of veggies, and fruits.
We are on this earth, for a short period of time, and when it's my time, I do not want to go, in a wheel chair, or behind a walker, which was the direction, I was headed, taking these satin drugs.
gerb01 responded:
Along with watching my diet, I also take 200 mg, twice daily, Coenzyme Q10 supplement

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