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Elizabeth804 posted:
While Statins are impressive for some, they have really devastated my body. I have peripherial Neuropathy, and the statins have so disintegrated my muscles that I could hardly walk. My choice was in 2010 to listen to the Cardiologist. WRONG!! I have been taken off statins and trying to find out what will work for my High Bad Cholesterol - part of it is genetic. So, if I am to have a shot at reducing my weight by at least 30 lbs., I have to be able to move. And the constant pain makes it difficult. But I am going for it - would rather have a "life" than be in a chair!!

I am trying to figure out what it is that I can eat that is simple to make and digest. Any suggestions are appreciated - I believe you should be aware, I am not interested in any large amount of cooking. Thanks
SSrini responded:
I live in India and am 50 years of age. I am NOT a medico. My blood test on 30th June 2013 showed total cholesterol 288 (ideal range 125-225) and LDL colesterol 184 (ideal range 85-150). My doc prescibed me Statin, but since I already had neuropathy at age 10 and retinopathy currently, I wasnt too keen on taking Statin especially after reading about its potential side effects over the net. I prepared a decoction by boiling commonly found herbal leaves in a specific proportion and had one glass of this every morning for 3 weeks. I started this self-treatment on 6th June 2013 n contd till 26th June, 2013. I have a sedentary lifestyle and sit at my PC for 14 hrs. I did not change this habit. Neither did I restrict my diet apart from cutting down on deep-fried food, potato and butter. I contd to have my normal meals. Btw, I am a vegetarian. The blood test report after the 21-day period shows: Total cholesterol 139 (down from 288 = 52%), LDL cholesterol 53 (down from 184 = 71%). My VLDL & triglecride levels dropped by 28% each and blood sugar by 16%. And as it was a simple decoction of fresh leaves, there was absolutely no side effect too. I also shed 3kgs and a couple of inches off my waist. It is too good to be true. Next month I will be doing another self-treatment specifically for reducing triglycerides and will try to keep the forum updated.
SSrini responded:
My blood test report of 30th May showed total cholesterol 288 (normal range 125-225), LDL cholesterol 184 (normal range 85-150). I did not take any Statins as I had neuropathy at age 10 and retinopathy now at age 50. By taking a glass of decoction of fresh herbal leaves every morning for 3 weeks, I was able to reduce my bad cholesterol levels drastically. I am a vegetarian and contd my normal diet except for cutting down on deep-fried foods, butter nd potato. My blood test report after the 3 week period showed: Total cholesterol 139 (down from 288 = 52% drop), LDL cholesterol 53 (down from 184 = 71% drop). My VLDL and triglycerides dropped by 28% each and blood sugar by 16%. It was simply amazing. Next mth I plan to treat myself specifically for lowering triglycerides and will keep the forum updated on the results.
StayFit1 replied to SSrini's response:
What plants did you use the leaves of. What quantities? I have similar numbers and have had adverse side effects using statins so I stopped. I would love to find a healthy way of maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.

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