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What fuels statin sales?
bobby75703 posted:
Statin sales depend on the one primary foundation. Public perception of a relationship between cholesterol levels and heart attacks. Without this consumer perception of "Bad" cholesterol, and the perceived need to get the numbers lower, a multi-billion dollar industry would collapse.

This is why it is so important to keep "bad" cholesterol bad in the eyes of consumers. How often do you hear drug companies talking about the physical benefits of cholesterol?

Studies sell. When a "study" shows favorable results from a drug, people will spend for it. But most consumers are unaware the study was designed and paid for by the drug company selling us the pills.

In sales, perception is everything. "It lowered my cholesterol so it must be helping me!" Yet there is no way on the planet to prove a patient would have otherwise suffered a heart attack had they not been taking a statin. But in the patients mind, because their cholesterol is lower, they think they are healthier for it, and remain a customer for life.

Perception. Its the ultimate cash flow producer.
iride6606 responded:
I'll ask again, what is the significance of a drug trial funded by a drug company and can you show us where it influenced an outcome?

I know you don't feel there is a higher risk of CAD with high LDL, but there is and the numbers are stated below. These are factual numbers and they are based on studies done on thousands of participants and years of follow up. The bottom line is simple, if the baseline risk is represented as 1.0, the risk for the average male with an LDL over 130 is 1.19 and over 160 is 1.74. That is not perception, it is what the numbers show. How you wish to interpret the numbers is up to you but as.

"The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it."
"015 Neil deGrasse Tyson

I recommend you read the paper below and look for the relationship of reality as opposed to a perceived end result better know as the affirmation paradox which simply out is how one can say the same thing so often they begin to believe it.

The Affirmation of Paradox: A. Reading of Montaigne's "De la. Phisionomie" (III:12)

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