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    Have you tried Phytosterols for LDL?
    blondiebiz posted:
    I am a bad candidate for Statins, due to a liver problem.
    My LDL is back up to 105, my overall cholesterol is 190, my Triglycerites are perfect.
    I had use Bayer Phytosterols when they came on the market and dropped my LDL by near 20 points. Bayer discontinued the pill, but I bought all I could find, only to find out, that my next blood test was back up. I tried 2 different Phytosterols, nothing helps now. I watch my diet, everything is no fat, low fat, fruit and veggies, but I'm stuck.
    I cannot excercise any longer, as I have Idiopathic neuropathy, it is horrible, I have to walk with a cane when going to a store.
    I am desperate to get my LDL down to the 80's again.....I'm asking for suggestions.

    iride6606 responded:
    Why do you want to get it down to the 80s again? Your numbers seem fine and if you're having neuropathy you may want to keep your cholesterol level a little higher depending on your other risk factors. The problem is that only a small portion of your LDL comes from what you eat, the rest is made by your body which is why diet alone does not always help. The best thing you can do is stay away from carbs from processed foods. Eat fresh not canned or boxed or out of a drive through window. It sounds like you know what you're doing.

    FYI, have you read any of the articles concerning statins and liver disease? It has been shown that statins actually promote healing in the liver and in fact the FDA is dropping the risk of liver damage from possible side effects.

    Take a look.

    May be worth discussing with your doctor.
    billh99 responded:
    Have you tried CholestOff?

    There are some other classes of meds that help reduce cholesterol that are not statins.

    One is bile acid sequestrants. Ask your doctor. I have no idea how it will be affected by your other conditions.

    Note that 105 LDL is considered sub-optimal. Do you have heart disease or related cardio vascular disease? Or other risk factors?
    blondiebiz replied to iride6606's response:
    Thank you so much for answering.

    Most of the time my LDL is in the upper 90's, but when taking the Bayer Phytosterol it did go down to the mid to low 80's.

    With my HPTC I'm always concerned about what I take.
    I did look at your link, but it did not talk about HPTC, so I don't know.
    I got it from a bad blood transfusion in 1983.
    Maybe I worry more than I should, when I see my cardiologist
    I always get a clean bill of health, as far as my heart,
    I take one pill for my Tachycardia, which is Rythmol 150 mg.
    blondiebiz replied to billh99's response:
    I have looked at it, I look at each medication in detail, because I have HPTC since 1983, so I am very careful.

    I'm alrlegic to Pine trees, so CholestOff not for me

    All my Liver enzymes are in the normal range. (always)
    A looked at so many Phytasterols, and tried 2, I go for the ones with the least additional ingredients.

    I have ventricular tachycardia, have had it for 30 years now, and I'm on medication for it.

    Most of the time my LDL is in the mid to upper 90's, but I like it lower again.
    My Diet is good, I just don't bring food in the house that I like but should not eat.
    So, I don't know if I should just not worry about it.

    Thank You, any help is appreciated.
    billh99 replied to blondiebiz's response:
    Under 100 LDL is optimum, although those at extreme high risk under 70 is suggested.

    I know that AFIB is sometimes related to scar tissues that can be from block arteries.

    I really don't know about V-tach so you might not ask your cardiologist.

    You did not give the details, but apparently the rest of your lipid profile is good.

    I think that I would just accept the 90-105 range.

    But here is another source of phytosterols.

    What are the phytosterols in CardioSterol made from?
    CardioSterol contains phytosterol esters (1.5 grams per serving) that are made from plants such as soybeans and corn.

    Other ingredients: Gelatin, mixed tocopherols, chlorophyll.
    This product contains fish (sardine, anchovy) ingredients.

    Outside of the KC area I don't know if they are available in any stores.

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