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Statin Use
An_253022 posted:
My recent total cholesterol was 208. HDL was 43 and LDL was151. This compares to 240TC 47 HDL and 169LDL about 3 months ago. My LDL has always been on the high side above 130. My doctor is prescribing the statin pravastatin? I am reluctant to begin taking the medication at this point. Anyone have an opinion or similar situation they can share? I am 63 years old. Thanks.
iride6606 responded:
As I stated in a previous post, I would not want an LDL that high but that's just me. I believe the numbers that support the correlation between increased LDL and heart disease. Pravastatin is a safe and effective statin and is not in the class of Lipitor or Crestor which are much stronger.

Have you tried anything else? I opted for Simvastatin along with diet and exercise which cut my LDL from numbers like yours to being under 70 for years and I've been fine. I'm not a doctor or trying to persuade you, just telling you what I did.
motheradele responded:
My advice is DO NOT start statins of any kind, especially at 63! In talking with a friend who worked in the medical office when he was in the army, he said that numbers like yours were considered normal back then. Your cholesterol is not high and does not need to be lowered! If you are eating healthy, staying aaway from white rice, flour, sugar, and are getting some exercise every day, then don't worry about these numbers! My numbers were just slightly higher when my doctor put me on Lipitor, and here I am 6 years later after only taking the Lipitor for 4 months, with uncurable muscle damage that gets worse every year, but my heart and everything else is fine. This medication is poison, and my advice to everyone I meet is "stay away from it!" If you feel you must lower your LDL, find out ways to do it naturally!
iride6606 responded:
This is a great site to come and reach out to others and get some shared experiences. The bottom line is that none of us here are MDs no matter what we post, so you should gather information and work with your doctor to find the treatment option that is best for you. Be an informed patient but please include a trained medical professional in your decision. No one here is qualified to give you medical advice, just some support.

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