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Just How Good is Great?
bc314health posted:
I received the results of the blood test I took at my doctor. My total cholesterol was 111. My triglycerides were 40, and my LDL couldn't be calculated because my triglycerides were so low. I'm a 28 year old male, 5'10, 145lbs, and a semi-lacto vegetarian. I'm wondering just how good this actually is, and if it could be better. And also, what actually contributed to the low numbers?
billh99 responded:
There is one number that you left out. HDL. Assuming that it is 40 or high, then that is an excellent profile.

It is most likely due to a combination of diet, low weight, and genetics.

But I don't know why they could not calculate LDL.

LDL = Total Ch - HDL - Trig/5

This is very similar to my last one. But I am older, not as thin, but on a statin.

TC 113, HDL 59, Trig 35, LDL 47
bc314health replied to billh99's response:
Thanx for the response! I'm not sure why she left out my HDL. I'm going to call back today and see if I can get some more info.

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