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Help, can't seem to get my cholesterol under control!!!
SandoTrini posted:
I'm 55yrs, height: 5' 5'' and 113lbs. I walk abt 4 days for the week for 45mins and generally physically active. My last lipid profile was in February this year and the results were:
TC: 223
Trig: 113
HDL: 78
LDL: 122
I have oats for breakfast every morning using soy milk.Stopped eating meat 4yrs now and yet my cholesterol is high. I am not on any statins. Any suggestions as to what I can do to get it under control??
billh99 responded:
While your TC is high. The LDL is fair (sub-optimal) as is non-HDL (TC-78) which has a goal of no more than 30 above the LDL goal.

And while the official goal of trig. is under150 some doctors recommend under 100.

Eating more good fats might help. That is mono & polyunstaterated oils. Olive oil, fatty fish, nuts, avocados. And eliminate as much simple carbs as you can, white flour, white rice, sugar and products made from them. Note that may commercial products have lots of added sugars .
SandoTrini replied to billh99's response:
Bill, I practice all that you mention above and also eat lots of fruit.. I keep away from all refined sugars and use only whole wheat flour, no rice etc. I even do a little yoga once a week for an hour.
It's only recently I started eating more fish though. My other problem is I don't eat much vegetables.
Once in a while I may go off course (which isn't very often).

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