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Cholesterol, and an emerging risk factor
bobby75703 posted:
While the world is distracted counting their cholesterol, real medical science closes in on a little known risk factor,- air pollution.
iride6606 responded:
Just want to make sure I'm reading these right, they are noting a "link" but do not explain the mechanism or am I missing something. In reading the original study data as I was able to pull up, there is no mechanism or even a suggestion, this was just a study to find a possible "link", not a reason for it.

This is helpful because?

"Our findings help us to understand how it is that exposures to air pollution may cause the increases in heart attacks and strokes observed by other studies,"

OK, why? Big picture thinkers who read beyond the headlines would want to know that wouldn't they? Also, the word "may" does not sound too conclusive.

They could provide a few more details I think.

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