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Has Your Health Professional Received Drug Company Money?
bobby75703 posted:
Cholesterol lowering drugs are some of the most prescribed drugs in the world. Does your health professional have a financial relationship with drug companies? Now you can find out.

Just look at the BIG BUCKS big pharma pays out to Doctors.

Dollars for Docs:
iride6606 responded:
Do you read things you post or even dig below the surface?

For instance, look at Pfizer, of the $127M paid to doctors in 2012, $107M went to researchers. These are the people that work as contractors on their R&D side, I know that from personal experience, but that is not in the headline so it is overlooked.

The majority of the balance is spent on speaking and consulting, mostly to independent contractors working with their marketing and development people, all legit.

The next is the travel expense that goes along with all that consulting.

The only thing that concerns me is the $1.7M in gifts, but we don't know what that is made up of.

To read this headline it would imply that doctors are being paid off, they're not. I know from experience.

Any publication that refers to itself as a "muckraker" is exactly that, looking for the muck. Much ado about nothing but again a nice headline.

The term muckraker refers to reform-minded journalists who write mainly for largely for popular magazines with the intent to stir sentiment and create an emotional shift.....

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